Gold Effie and first ever Saatchi & Saatchi “Nothing is Impossible” award for a place-based outdoor campaign that went global – and no brief. P&G’s Tide, "Point of Dirt."



Sr. Art Director at J. Walter Thompson in midtown NYC.

After the towers were hit, I walked downtown with friends who were stranded, to my apartment on 14th St and 1st Avenue which faced south onto the World Trade Towers


I created and published patents for a touchscreen, emergency call-box, and connected civic communications platform for the streets. “CitySafe” was born and began moving through various leaders in Verizon


I took an opportunity at a hot ad boutique, The Kaplan Thaler Group. Shortly after doing so, my partners in CitySafe took control of the company and re-branded as "City24/7." They began navigating NYC and the Bloomberg administration

Presented to Titan Outdoor who had taken over the Verizon NYC payphone contract


Sued and settled my lawsuit with City24/7, met the new CEO during the process, and was reignited by him enough to join forces again

Presented to NYC MTA

MTA “On-The-Go” info kiosk is created by our outdoor competitor Titan, who didn’t honor our contract from Verizon and the city.

Then they pushed this agenda...



We launch City24/7, a first-of-its-kind interactive city broadcast, executing our pilot in Union Square with the city of NY. The units were placed in payphone enclosures for the pilot with plans for freestanding units


The Today Show names City24/7 one of the top five apps of the year

Wikipedia - "The LinkNYC kiosks were devised after the government of New York City held several competitions to replace the payphone system. The most recent competition, in 2014, resulted in the contract being awarded to the CityBridge consortium, which comprises Qualcomm; Titan and Control Group, which now make up Intersection; and Comark.


City24/7 named the “Pioneers of IoT” by CIO Magazine and showcased at Cisco Live in Melbourne Australia


We pivot away from NYC (and the rest of the bad seeds in City24/7) and re-brand as CityPost. We secure a contract with Kansas City, MO to be part of America’s first transformative Smart and Connected corridor with Cisco and Sprint


Kansas City wins Gold Edison Innovation Award for “Collective Disruption.” A first-ever, city win, for an Edison recipient


Smart City Media wins Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) 13 city RFP and includes Ericsson 5G colocation markers. SCM beating Intersection, Verizon and AT&T in their home city of Dallas


SCM, now with 23 contracts in 3 years, launches Jersey City CityPost, across from LINK NYC in April of 2019. Former city mayors and city CIO's from around the country are wanting to join our team

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